3 Clear Latex Balloons for Magic Beads

3 Clear Latex Balloons for Magic Beads

Magic Beads

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They might not seem like much, but these clear balloons add a whole other dimension to Magic Beads. You can use them in a couple totally magical ways:

  • Push a handful of expanded Magic Beads through the entrance and inflate fully. This creates a crazy loud balloon that acts in a completely unexpected way!
  • Pour a packet of unexpanded Magic Beads into the balloon, fill with water until approx 5 inches across, and wait for magic to happen.

So many possibilities, and all for just 99p for 3 balloons when added to a Magic Beads order! 

Please note these balloons aren't 100% clear and can be slightly cloudy, but they are at least 90%. We're working on it - pictures are of actual product. :)

As with all Magic Beads products, these are intended for adults and therefore are not a children's toy. Small parts may represent a choking hazard. For non-contact ideas, consider making a DIY sensory bottle.

Please read and understand our safety page before purchasing.