Magical Sensory Bottles

Sensory bottles can be a great way for your kids to get the benefits of sensory play, before they can necessarily play with the individual parts directly.

To make a Magic Beads sensory bottle, simply expand some beads and seal tightly into a container, with the lid securely glued on.

Make your sensory bottle even more exciting by:

  • Adding glitter
  • Colouring the water
  • Adding coloured oils
  • Adding little glow sticks, or waterproof lights

Sensory Bags

Sensory bags are similar to sensory bottles, with a more tactile edge. With a sensory bag, your little one can feel the Magic Beads and move them about - but without the risk of direct contact.

Frozen Magic Beads

When frozen, the properties of Magic Beads change. Instead of bouncy and squishy, they become cold and brittle. For a more mixed experience, try mixing some frozen Magic Beads with some at room temperature!

Anxiety, Anger, And Stress Relief

We’ve had some lovely feedback about Magic Beads as a soothing tool for anxiety, anger, and stress. The idea is that they are so mesmerizing to play with, you simply forget about your troubles!

From a happy customer:
“I use them for a calming down strategy with children with anxiety or anger problems at my school, it works really well. As soon as they put their hands into them they say they feel a lot calmer and they love them.”

Keep Your Flowers Hydrated!

One of the original uses of Magic Beads was by florists. After soaking up water, Magic Beads very slowly release it, perfect for keeping flowers at their best. Try it yourself by putting a flower in a vase filled with expanded Magic Beads!

DIY Fragrance Pots

For a super smelly treat, try adding some drops of oil fragrance to a bowl of Magic Beads. They increase the surface area that the fragrance is spread over, allowing for even more effective release of your chosen smell!

Sort Out The Colours

Magic Beads are supplied in mixed colours, and aren’t easy to pick up. Their squishy and slippery texture provides a mesmerizing challenge if you try to sort all 10 colours into their own bowls!

Noisy Balloons

Adding just a few fully grown Magic Beads to a balloon before inflation makes a surprisingly loud noise when they are inflated! In addition, the balloons stop floating about as usual, and behave in an interesting and unexpected way.

Have A Magic Beads Bath

Magic Beads can be a super fun bath accompaniment. Fully expand your desired amount of Magic Beads in advance, drain the cold water from them, and pour into your cosy bath.

Foot Spa

There’s no electric parts here. Simply try filling up a basin with expanded Magic Beads and warm water, and wiggling your feet about in it.