Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Magic Beads take to expand?

Our standard beads take between 6-48 hours to expand. This depends on how much water they start off with, your water quality (the purer the better!), and even your altitude.

How do Magic Beads work?

In short, Magic Balls soak up water, making them heavier and physically larger. They go from hard, small balls, into squishy jelly-like semi-translucent beads.

The scientific answer is just a little longer. Water molecules are drawn into the network across a diffusion gradient - formed by the Sodium neutralization of the polymer backbone. The polymer chains want to straighten but cannot due to the cross-linking. Thus, the particles expand as water moves into the network.

What do you do once Magic Beads are expanded?

There are many uses for our Magic Beads! Check out our Ideas page for inspiration.

Are Magic Beads non-toxic?

The material Magic Beads are made of, Sodium Polyacrylate, is the same material that is used to absorb water in nappies. In addition, it is the same material that’s used in the popular Jelly Bath products.

Sodium Polyacrylate is considered non-toxic by the main regulating bodies.

What are Magic Beads made of?

Our Magic Beads are made of Sodium Polyacrylate. This is the same safe material you find in disposable nappies, artificial snow, and hundreds of other places - some you wouldn’t expect!

Can you use Magic Beads in a bath?

You sure can. Due to the time they take to grow, the best way to do this is by expanding them in advance. Simply follow the instructions for the desired amount, fill a bath as usual, and pour in your ready-expanded Magic Beads!

How big do Magic Beads grow?

Our Original Magic Beads grow to 10-15mm across. This varies due to the product, and due to your local water quality.

Can you use Magic Beads in sensory bottles?

Yes, you can. Expand them in advance to make sure they get to full size, then they work very well in sensory bottles.


Are Magic Beads the same as are used in the foot spa?

There’s a popular foot spa that uses expanding beads similar to these. These are very similar, but we can’t offer any warranty on their use in this product.


How do I store Magic Beads?

You can store your Magic Beads in an airtight container. If they start to shrink, simply soak until full size again. If they begin to get a bit yucky after a lot of use, pour boiling water over them, through a colander or sieve.